Benefits of learning Burmese

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So what’s stopping you from learning Burmese? Does it sound too difficult?

  • Are you too busy on your daily schedule and you cannot find time? Well no problem, you can study anytime and it only takes a few minutes a day.

  • Did you try learning Burmese but couldn’t master it? No worries, we will help you with the right advices and the right tools on your way to fluency.

  • Don’t even think that Burmese is too different from what you know. You’ll be understanding the structure sooner than you think.

  • Maybe you believe you are too old to learn? Actually age can bring you the experience and understanding of concepts that can help you learn faster.

Whatever you may think, with the right solution and the right tools you can learn a new language fast and it can stick to your brain forever.

What stops you from learning Burmese?

So what is the secret of people who learn Burmese faster?

X They are probably not sitting in the class with 15 or 20 other students and little time to actually practice and learn what they have learnt.

X They are not trying to read old textbooks figuring out if they really understand what they just read and heard.

X They are not repeating over and over the same sound following the teacher, without even understanding what they are saying.

X And they are certainly not hiding in the classroom in hope that the teacher will not see them and not ask them to answer something they don’t understand.

Secrets to learn Burmese

The secret lies in a simple strategy to keep your progressing. And here is how Burmese Lesson can help you.

Burmese Lesson STRATEGIES to learn Burmese efficiently

  • Make the best use of your limited time:

Learning Burmese takes time

Learning a language requires time and effort and you most likely don’t have time. Between your work, your family life, your own projects and the commuting time, there is hardly enough time to go to class and study.

With Burmese Lesson, no need to go class and loose time in the transportation. Just open your computer or your mobile device and start learning.

You can access your lessons from any smartphone, tablet or computer.

You can learn at your own pace and whenever you can find the time, our lessons are broken down in small chunks, so you can easily listen to any lesson, during your lunch break, while commuting or doing your weekly sport and even while waiting for your laundry. No need to be in a class at a given time anymore.

You are free to learn and therefore can learn more.

  • Understand how Burmese really works:

One of the most important things to know if you want to learn Burmese is to understand how the language works and how it is structured.

Burmese, like most languages, has a completely different sentence structure and grammar than English, that’s why you need to understand how it works and you need it explained to you. You cannot just find out how it works by yourself.

Burmese Lesson gives you step-by-step explanations on how Burmese language works with videos, sentences breakdown and easy chunks of grammar.

Thousands of example sentences will help you understand how it works in practice.

Videos to help you learn Burmese

  • Reinforce what you learn so that it sticks:

You may be a fast learner or a slow learner, anyway most of the time; classroom learning is not adapted to your own pace. The best way to make it stick is to learn at your own pace, you should not rush or slow down your learning.

Another thing is that according to studies most of what you learn is forgotten in about two days. So it is very important to remember what you have learned.

In order to make things stick, you first need to be consistent and to repeat. First repeat the words that you are trying to learn, but also remind your brain through testing. All along your learning process you will be asked to repeat and be tested.

In all our lessons, things will be repeated to help you memorize them first. You will be then tested through the lesson on what you have learned, and once you have finished the lesson small quizzes will make use of what you have learnt.

All this testing will reinforce your knowledge and help to avoid brain freeze, when you need to use this knowledge. But this is not all, practice also plays an important role.

  • Practice speaking and sound like a native:

One key trick to master a new language is by speaking out loud, this helps your brain memorize it faster and stick longer. You should do it as often as you can.

Burmese Lesson has several features that encourage you to speak out, like our video pronunciation course or our voice-recording tool. You will get huge benefits of speaking out loud and working on your pronunciation with our tools.

Burmese language voice recorder

  • Access Burmese Lessons from anywhere:

As we mentioned, learning in a class might be time consuming, but what if you don’t even have classes to learn Burmese around where you live? Indeed, Burmese language is not a well-known language yet and it might be difficult to find Burmese classrooms or teachers near your place.

With Burmese Lesson courses, you can study whenever you want and wherever. You do not need to find a teacher or a class anymore, the teachings are readily available for you on any device at any time and anywhere.

Learn Burmese from anywhere

  • Get support from our team:

Sometimes, you might not find the answers you need in our lesson material, or you might be frustrated. This is where our team of teachers and your fellow students come into play to help with your Burmese language struggles.

At Burmese Lesson you can ask questions through comments or e-mail and you will get a reply from your team of teachers as soon as they can. You may even get an answer from your fellow students who have faced the same problem than you, so don’t be shy to ask :).

Contact us anytime at

  • Keep motivation on:

The learning curve is pretty much the same whatever you are learning.

In the beginning you are very excited and you learn a lot, and at some point you will encounter what we call a wall or a dip, when you will learn more difficultly and might feel discourage.

You should not stop when you get to this point, because right after it this is where you learn the most. Your team of teachers will keep you motivated with regular posts and news. But you also have tools to keep you on track and consistent in your learning process.

  • Track your progress: with an easy to spot bar on the dashboard.
  • Chose what you learn with Glossary: learn new words and focus on what you need with the search mode in the glossary.
  • My Word Bank: helpful tool for you to save the words you have difficulties to remember
  • Flashcards: memorize words easier with flashcards that will test what you have learnt. You will be mastering Burmese language before you know it.
  • Free upgrades: we are continually improving Burmese Lesson, so you will get access to all newly published content and updated tools.

Burmese word bank Flashcards to learn Burmese

So what are you waiting for? Click here and start learning Burmese in just a couple of minutes.

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Yes, it’s real!! I am confident that if you are motivated in learning Burmese you will achieve your goals with our method, without having to go to class, in the comfort of your home or during your commuting time, just at your pace.

And if within 30 days, you feel like learning Burmese is not for you or that the method didn’t live up to your expectation. Just send us an email at and we will send you a refund, no questions asked.

This is my personal guarantee to you.

So feel free to test it, it should be a no brainer for you.

Maxime M.,

Founder of Burmese Lesson

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