How to use Burmese Lesson to maximize your learning!

Burmese Lesson is a gold mine for who wants to learn the Burmese language. We have the most extensive database of Burmese words and sentences online, we have awesome audio podcast lessons to teach simple sentences and important grammar, as well as video lessons to teach all the basics of Burmese language. But that's not everything, we got many powerful tools to help you learn such as Word of the Day, Glossary, Quizzes and much more.

But as a newcomer you might not be familiar with our great set of tools or you might need some guidance on how to use them. This video will help you with that, introducing all outstanding features of Burmese Lesson. So let's play it and enjoy the show :)

How Burmese Lesson can help you learn Burmese from Burmese Lesson on Vimeo.

If you still need more information, or feel the need to ask questions about our features and method, feel free to send us message using the Contact Form or send us an e-mail at support@burmeselesson.com